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Japanese Patent JP4948528
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The compressed air foam and high pressure liquid dispersal system provides a compressed air foam product in addition to concurrently producing a liquid under pressure for decontamination, general cleaning, vapor suppression, Hazmat remediation, fuel spills, and fire suppression support for durable equipment, vehicles, terrain, facilities, and aircraft. The system includes a power plant for powering the compressed air foam and high pressure liquid sub-systems of the system. The high pressure sub-system further includes a boiler for heating the liquid to a temperature above ambient temperature. The boiler and power plant may use the same type of fuel for decreasing the number of fuel supplies to the system. In addition, the power plant drives an air compressor for providing compressed air for powering the compressed air foam sub-system. The power plant further drives a high pressure water pump for pressurizing the water for the high pressure sub-system. The system includes additional features such as an air chuck that feeds off of the compressed air supply for powering pneumatic tools and inflating flat tires present during such cleaning and decontamination. Also, the system includes a 24 VDC electrical system for charging stalled vehicles and the like present during operations.

Breed Love, John, David
Smug, dennis, edward
Mayer, Seth, Robert
Licht, Thomas, Anthony
Wilkinson, James, Theodore
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June 06, 2012
Filing Date:
March 29, 2006
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B08B3/02; B01F3/04; B60S3/04
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Haruo Hamada

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