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Japanese Patent JP4992217
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To provide a binder composite for a secondary battery electrode excellent in adhesion to a collector, whereby a secondary battery causing little capacity drop in high speed discharge and having excellent output characteristics can be manufactured.

This binder composite for the secondary battery electrode contains (A) a polymer in which the content of THF gel is not more than 5%, and an organic solvent having (B) N-methyl pyrrolidone as a main component. Its second virial coefficient measured by a static light scattering method is not more than 3×10-5cm3mol/g2, and the radius of rotation of the (A) polymer is 10-500 nm.


Takeshi Mogi
Ito Satoshi
Youichi Ogata
Nishikawa Akira
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August 08, 2012
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September 26, 2005
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Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
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H01M4/62; H01M4/02; H01M4/04; H01M4/131; H01M4/1391; H01M10/05
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Ippei Watanabe
Koji Kikawa
Takeshi Higuchi

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