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Japanese Patent JP5037463
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To attach a pressure sensor to a motorcycle while suppressing the increase of the number of components and layout space when the pressure sensor of brake fluid cannot be attached to a port for a sensor of a hydraulic control unit for a brake system.

In the pressure sensor supporting structure of the motorcycle for supporting an external pressure sensor 90 detecting brake fluid pressure to the motorcycle equipped with an anti-lock brake system and a front and rear interlocking brake system, a joint 94 for a sensor connecting the external pressure sensor 90 to a port 1f for brake piping connection of the hydraulic control unit 1 for the brake system and a joint 95 for a piping connecting a brake piping for the brake system are jointly fastened with a banjo bolt 96.


Hiroaki Amano
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Publication Date:
September 26, 2012
Filing Date:
September 12, 2008
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Magaldi Industrie s.r.l
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B60T8/34; B60T17/04; B62J99/00; B62K19/38; B62L3/00
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Mitsuo Tanaka
Kyousei Tamura

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