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Japanese Patent JP5039001
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To simply and inexpensively manufacture a structure and assembly by using weight of a compressor, having no additional member to the compressor itself, and having fewer facility components to a unit case without needing to install them.

In a unit case 38 having a suction introduction port 391 and a suction exhaustion port 392, a vaporizer 31 and a condenser 32 which are positioned in the middle of an air flow path 393 between the suction introduction port 391 and the suction exhaustion port 392 and dehumidify and dry circulated air, and a compressor 37 positioned in a storage area 394 divided from the air flow path 393 so as to circulate a coolant in them are built in. Space 45 is created between an inner circumference of a seat portion 394a for receiving and sitting a bottom part of the compressor 37 inside the storage area 394 and an outer circumference of the bottom part of the compressor 37 seated on the seat portion 394a, and this space is provided with a flexible seat body 44 for supporting the bottom part outer circumference of the compressor 37 between the seat body and the inner circumferential surface of the seat portion 394a.


Nobuhiko Fujiwara
Mitsunori Taniguchi
Yuu Tanaka
Uehara Osamu
Shigeyo Nakamoto
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Publication Date:
October 03, 2012
Filing Date:
September 11, 2008
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Panasonic Corporation
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D06F58/28; D06F25/00; D06F58/02
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Masaki Hiroyuki

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