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Japanese Patent JP5111078
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To provide a trigger type liquid spray capable of changing the quantity of a liquid to be sprayed.

The trigger type liquid spray 1 is provided with a stem 3 erected to be thrust in an upward pressing state, a trigger 4 having a trigger part 41 arranged in front of the stem 3 and a push-down part 42 and capable of rocking around a rocking shaft 27 arranged in the rear side of the stem 3, a pump 5 acting by pushing-down the stem 3 by the push-down part 42 with the rocking of the trigger 4, a nozzle 6 and a stopper 7. The stopper 7 is switched to be positioned at least at a lock position to regulate the push-down action of the stem 3 in a pump 5 stopping state, at a semi-opened position to regulate the push-down action of stem 3 to be more lower position than the regulating position of the stem 3 at the lock position and at a full-opened position inclined to the rear side of the lock position to allow the push-down action of the stem 3.


Shigeo Iizuka
Toru Toma
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Publication Date:
December 26, 2012
Filing Date:
November 30, 2007
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Yoshino Industry Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B05B11/00; B65D47/34
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Masatake Shiga
Suzuki Mitsuyoshi
Sumio Tanai

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