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Japanese Patent JP5213492
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In the present invention, a sulfur-containing material in a melt state is stored in material hopper 1 heated to a temperature within a preset temperature range of which a lower limit is equal to or above a melting point of sulfur. The stored sulfur-containing material is sucked by pressure generators 2a, 2b and pulled out into cylinders 11a, 11b heated to a temperature within the preset temperature range. The pulled out sulfur-containing material is pushed out from the cylinders under predetermined pressure applied by the pressure generator, and thereafter, the resultant material is injected from injection port 24 into mold 5 having therein a cavity which can be hermetically sealed and the mold being heated to a temperature within the preset temperature range. The injection port of the mold after the sulfur-containing material is fully injected in the cavity is closed. By stopping heating of the mold, the sulfur-containing material injected in the cavity is slowly cooled. After that, a modified sulfur concrete substance formed by cooling and solidifying the sulfur-containing material in the cavity is taken out from the mold.

Minoru Kurakake
Masaya Chatani
Tominaga Yoshifumi
Yasunori Yamaguchi
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June 19, 2013
Filing Date:
March 25, 2008
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jx Nikko Nisseki Energy Co., Ltd.
Fuji Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.
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B28B13/02; C04B28/36
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Tomijio Sasashima
Haruyuki Nishiyama