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Japanese Patent JP5284048
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The image processing apparatus includes an extracting part extracting feature points in each of plural images sequentially generated by an image pickup apparatus, a calculating part calculating motion vectors at the feature points in each of the plural images, a clustering part performing clustering processing on the motion vectors calculated at the feature points, a determining part determining, among plural clusters, a specific cluster including a motion vector indicating motion of the image pickup apparatus. The apparatus further includes an estimation detecting part detecting, by using an estimation method which uses information relating to the specific cluster of a first image, the specific cluster of a second image generated after generation of the first image, and a processing part performing image stabilization processing on the second image based on the motion vector included in the specific cluster of the second image.

Mitsuhiro Saito
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September 11, 2013
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November 12, 2008
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Canon Inc
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Ryosuke Fujimoto
Atsushi Mizumoto