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Japanese Patent JP5315362
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The present invention accurately determines transit regulations on the basis of probe information. The transit trajectory from a plurality of probe cars (10) is accumulated as probe information, and an analysis terminal (200) determines whether or not transit regulations are in effect by detecting whether or not probe information transiting in a manner so as to violate a transit method to be analyzed, such as right/left turn prohibition, is present at a road or intersection to be analyzed. At this time, the analysis terminal (200) determines, by means of the geometric shape or the like of the intersection or road of interest, whether or not there is an aversive factor that would cause a driver to desire to avoid transiting the intersection or the like. In accordance with the results thereof, the quantity of probe information used in determining transit regulations is altered. As a result, it is possible to increase determination accuracy while suppressing the overall quantity of probe information as it is possible to determine the presence/absence of a regulation by increasing the quantity of probe information at intersections or the like where an aversive factor is found.

田代 博之
廣尾 啓
西野 嘉高
中村 元裕
渡邉 和紀
小柴 定弘
前川 和輝
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October 16, 2013
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January 19, 2011
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G08G1/01; G08G1/13
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加藤 光宏