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Japanese Patent JP5445811
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To provide a co-generation system which can start up a fuel cell smoothly, and can prevent the cooling water of a high temperature from flowing into the fuel cell side.

In a pre-heating supply operation mode, a standby heating source 52 in a warming circulation passage D is started up, heat in the warming circulation passage D is taken into the side of an exhausted heat recovering passage C. When hot water introduced in the fuel cell 5 side exceeds a limit during operation in the pre-heating supply operation mode, a three way valve 28 on the side of heating is driven and a part of hot water leaks to a storage tank 10 side. As a result, a part of the hot water is supplied to the storage tank 10, and a small amount of the hot water of a low temperature is taken out of the storage tank 10 and mixed with the hot water flowing in a bypass passage 23 and a temperature as a whole is lowered.


Yoshihiko Tanaka
Fukui Hidekazu
Yoshiko Zuko
Makoto Watanabe
Atsushi Iwamoto
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Publication Date:
March 19, 2014
Filing Date:
June 29, 2007
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Noritsu Co., Ltd.
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H01M8/04; H01M8/00; H01M8/06
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Takashi Fujita