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Japanese Patent JP5502206
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The present invention relates to an artificial breast prosthesis which minimizes stress concentration and to a production method therefor, and more specifically relates to an artificial breast prosthesis which has excellent mechanical properties, superior tactile texture, and excellent safety and efficacy as a breast prosthesis, and also relates to a production method therefor. The artificial breast prosthesis made with the production method of the present invention, comprises a silicone shell which is of the same thickness as the connecting portion and has the same or similar physical properties thereof, and which minimizes the concentration of the stresses sustained after insertion into the body and maximizes resistance to fatigue failure such that durability is improved while at the same time the thinness of the connecting portion provides an outstanding texture to the prosthesis as a whole, and safety and efficiency are improved as stress concentration is minimized.

Yu Won Suk
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Publication Date:
May 28, 2014
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March 25, 2010
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Yu Won Suk
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A61L27/00; A61F2/12
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Masayoshi Takahashi

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