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Japanese Patent JP5537242
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a system and a machine for passbook updating, that enable updating processing of passbooks of multiple financial institutions.SOLUTION: A management server 113 is configured to connect a passbook updating machine 121, which upon selection of a financial institution out of multiple financial institutions by a user, switches to the processing mode of the selected financial institution to read out the magnetic stripe data of the inserted passbook, and communicates with the selected financial institution to perform passbook printing and data updating, according to transmitted data, with host computers 131, 132 of each financial institution through a communication line 140; receive an updating service request from the passbook updating machine to perform updating processing according to a particular procedure of each financial facility; and transmit information containing non-updated data of a relevant account and magnetic stripe updating data to the passbook updating machine.

Shunichi Enomoto
Masato Teramoto
Hirohiko Terada
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Publication Date:
July 02, 2014
Filing Date:
April 26, 2010
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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Co., Ltd.
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G07D9/00; G06Q20/18; G06Q40/00; G06Q40/02; G07F19/00
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Manabu Inoue
Yuji Toda

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