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Japanese Patent JP5539286
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A washer-dryer is provided with: a washing tank (2); a rotating drum (3) which rotates inside the washing tank (2); a dry air passage which circulates dry air inside the washing tank (2) and the rotating drum (3); and a fan (70) which is provided in the dry air passage and which blows the dry air. The washer-dryer implements, in order: a washing step in which laundry which is inside the rotating drum (3) is washed; a water removing step in which water is removed from the laundry, this step being repeated multiple times; and a drying step in which the laundry is brought into contact with the dry air, and dried. The washer-dryer is provided with a fan control means which, during the multiple repetitions of the water removing step, stops the operation of the fan (70) until the final repetition of the water removing step is initiated, and which initiates the operation of the fan (70) during the final repetition of the water removing step.

Ryoto Konishi
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Publication Date:
July 02, 2014
Filing Date:
October 12, 2011
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Sharp Corporation
International Classes:
D06F25/00; D06F33/60; D06F33/63; D06F58/40
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Hideno Kono