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Japanese Patent JP5548089
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a washing and drying machine which can reduce the manufacturing cost and the running cost.SOLUTION: A washing and drying machine comprises: an outer case 10 opening/closing a port 11a through which the laundry is put in and taken out, by a cover part 15; screen parts 16 and 17 for covering a part between a water tank 20 arranged in the outer case 10 and the periphery of the port 11a; a dewatering bin 30 arranged in the water tank 20; a water supply part for supplying the dewatering bin 30 with water; a circulation duct 51 connecting an inlet port 51a and an outlet port 51d, which face the inside of the dewatering bin 30; a fan 50 and a heater 54 which are arranged in the circulation duct 51; an exhaust duct 53 guided from an air outlet 53a facing the inside of the dewatering bin 30; an outside air introducing duct 57 connected to the circulation duct 51 and introducing the outside air; and an opening and closing member 61 for opening and closing the outside air introducing duct 57. A drying step includes an inside air circulation period for circulating the air inside the dewatering bin 30 through the circulation duct 51 by closing the opening and closing member 61, and an outside air introduction period for exhausting the outside air sent to the dewatering bin 30 by opening the opening and closing member 61. The opening and closing member 61 is opened in a washing step.

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July 16, 2014
Filing Date:
September 30, 2010
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D06F25/00; D06F33/02; D06F58/02; D06F58/28