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Japanese Patent JP5551428
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Provided is a charge transport material represented by the following general formula (1) or (2). In the foregoing general formulae, each of L1 and L2 independently represents a connecting group; each of R and RN independently represents a substituent; each of R1 and R2 independently represents a substituent, provided that R1 and R2 do not represent an aryl group at the same time; each A independently represents a carbon atom or a nitrogen atom; n represents an integer of 2 or more and not more than 10; and each m independently represents an integer.

Satoshi Kitamura
Sano 聡
Takada Already
Ise 俊 size
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Publication Date:
July 16, 2014
Filing Date:
December 25, 2009
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You Dee See Ireland Limited
International Classes:
C07D219/02; C07D401/14; C09K11/06; H01L51/50
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Patent business corporation patent firm Sykes

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