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Japanese Patent JP5553769
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The invention relates to the use of erythropoietin (EPO), in particular EPO in a polymer-based pharmaceutical preparation which stabilizes the active compound, for the treatment of traumatized skin, in particular for wound healing in the case of mechanical or pathological injuries or in the case of burns. In particular, the invention also relates to specific viscous or gelatinous formulations, in particular based on polysaccharides, preferably cellulose derivatives, which comprise EPO and are capable of stabilizing the latter and releasing it slowly and uniformly to the wound.

Augustine Baader
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 16, 2014
Filing Date:
December 20, 2008
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Augustine Baader Augustinus BADER
International Classes:
A61K38/22; A61K9/70; A61K47/32; A61K47/36; A61P17/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yasuo Tamura
Mutsumi Sameshima
Masahiro Nitta
Kure English 燦
Nobuhiko Akiyama