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Japanese Patent JP5555186
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Compounds of formula (I) are p38 MAP kinase inhibitors useful for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases: wherein: G is —N═ or —CH═; D is an optionally substituted divalent mono- or bi-cyclic aryl or heteroaryl radical having 5-13 ring members; R6 is hydrogen or optionally substituted CrC3 alkyl; P represents hydrogen and U represents a radical of formula (IA); or U represents hydrogen and P represents a radical of formula (IA); wherein A represents an optionally substituted divalent mono- or bicyclic carbocyclic or heterocyclic radical having 5-13 ring members; z is O or 1; —X1-L1-Y— is a linker radical or bond; R1 is a carboxylic acid group (—COOH), or an ester group which is hydrolysable by one or more intracellular esterase enzymes to a carboxylic acid group; and R2 and R3 are as defined in the claims.

Moffat, David, Festus, Charles
Davis, Stephen, John
Pin タット, Stephen
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Publication Date:
July 23, 2014
Filing Date:
February 27, 2009
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クロマ Therapeutics Limited CHROMA THERAPEUTICS LTD
International Classes:
C07D213/73; A61K31/44; A61P1/04; A61P3/10; A61P11/00; A61P11/06; A61P17/02; A61P17/06; A61P19/02; A61P25/00; A61P29/00; A61P37/00; A61P37/02; A61P37/06; A61P37/08; A61P43/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shintaro Nogawa
Akiyama Masanori
Worth Shinji
Hirosuke Kaneko
Kiyoshi Inemoto

Previous Patent: JPS5555185