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Japanese Patent JP5555408
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A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device in which the formation of buried wiring is facilitated includes: forming columnar patterns, which are arranged in a two-dimensional array, and bridge patterns, which connect the columnar patterns in a column direction, on a main surface of a silicon substrate; injecting an impurity in a surface portion of each of the columnar patterns and bridge patterns and in surface portions of the silicon substrate, thereby forming impurity injection layers; forming a side wall on sides of the columnar patterns and bridge patterns; removing the impurity injection layer, which has been formed in the silicon substrate, with the exception of the impurity injection layer covered by the bottom portions of the side walls; removing the side walls by etch-back; and thermally oxidizing the surface portion of the bridge patterns and then etching away the same. Buried wiring extending in the column direction of the columnar patterns is formed within the silicon substrate.

Fujimoto 紘行
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Publication Date:
July 23, 2014
Filing Date:
January 18, 2008
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P. S. Fau ルクスコ SARL PS4 Luxco S. a. r. l.
International Classes:
H01L21/3205; H01L21/768; H01L21/8242; H01L23/522; H01L27/108
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Mitsuhiro Washizu
Ogata Japanese
Yasuyuki Kurose
Takuya Mitani

Previous Patent: JPS5555407