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Japanese Patent JP5566822
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an LED lamp with improved color rendering and reduced glaring.SOLUTION: The LED lamp 1 includes an LED module 2, a substrate section 3 on which the LED module is mounted, and a globe 4 attached to the substrate section 3. The LED module 2 is equipped with LED chips 8 mounted on a base plate 7 for ultraviolet or violet emission. A lighting circuit and a base 6 are arranged in the substrate section 3. On an inner face of the globe 4, an ultraviolet or violet light absorption layer 9 including at least one kind out of particles selected from zinc oxide, cerium oxide, and titanium oxide is arranged, as well as a fluorescent film 10 which emits white light by absorbing the ultraviolet or violet light emitted from the LED chips 8.

Hajime Takeuchi
Kyomasa Oya
Hiroyasu Kondo
Tatsunori Itaga
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August 06, 2014
Filing Date:
September 14, 2010
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Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.
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F21S2/00; C09K11/00; C09K11/08; C09K11/59; C09K11/73; C09K11/84; F21V3/04; F21V9/06; F21V9/16; F21V23/00; F21Y101/02
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Patent Business Corporation Sakura International Patent Office