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Japanese Patent JP5578111
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for temperature elevation of molten metal by induction heating, capable of preventing false detection of molten metal leakage temporarily generating when changing operations from heat retention to heating in a channel type induction heating device.SOLUTION: The method for temperature elevation of molten metal by induction heating includes using an induction heating device 11 in which the water-cooled tubes are attached to an exterior case 17 covering refractories 18, 19 forming the flow path of molten metal, and to a bushing 20, and a molten metal leakage-detecting antenna 25 is embedded in the refractories 18, 19. The output of ≤20% of maximum output in the induction heating device 11 per one unit of the device 11 is carried on over 8 hours and after that, the operation elevating the output of the device 11 to 70-100% of the maximum is enforced so that the average value of the elevation rate of output for an optional 20 min is 0.1 MW/min or less.

Hideaki Sone
Shinji Nishikawa
板楠 Motokuni
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Publication Date:
August 27, 2014
Filing Date:
March 02, 2011
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The NSC 住金, Inc.
International Classes:
C21C1/06; B22D46/00; F27D11/06; F27D21/00
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Fujio Nakamae
Yoshihiro Kida
Takayuki Imanaka