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Japanese Patent JP5579506
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an entrance/exit management system capable of decreasing unnecessary power consumption without lowering convenience of users.SOLUTION: The entrance/exit management system includes: an IC tag 30 mounted on a vehicle 100 and storing management information for managing the vehicle 100; a reader-writer 21 for receiving radio waves transmitted from the IC tag 30; a database 23 storing vehicle identification information associating vehicle information on the vehicle 100 with the management information; a plurality of authentication devices 4 for executing authentication on the basis of the management information received by the reader-writer 21 and the vehicle identification information stored in the database 23; a gate device for restricting entrance and exit of the vehicle 100 into and from a facility on the basis of a result of the authentication by the authentication devices 4; and a managing device having operation mode determination means for determining operation modes of the authentication devices 4 and the gate device on the basis of schedule information of the facility and current date and time information.

Shinichi Kaneko
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Publication Date:
August 27, 2014
Filing Date:
June 08, 2010
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The Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G07C9/00; G07B15/00
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Hitoshi Suzuki

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