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Japanese Patent JP5591800
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Novel materials are provided, having a single phenyl or chain of phenyls where there is a nitrogen atom on each end of the single phenyl or chain of phenyls. The nitrogen atom may be further substituted with particular triphenylene groups. Organic light-emitting devices are also provided, where the novel materials are used as a hole transport material in the device. Combinations of the hole transport material with specific host materials are also provided.

シャ, Chillan Jun
クウォン, Raymond
Application Number:
Publication Date:
September 17, 2014
Filing Date:
June 30, 2009
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Universal display corporation
International Classes:
C07C211/54; C07C211/61; C09K11/06; H01L51/50
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Masatoshi Kurata
Kono 哲
Makoto Nakamura
Toshihiro Fukuhara
Peak Takashi
Toshiro Shirane
Sadao Muramatsu
Nobuhisa Nogawa
Sunagawa 克