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Japanese Patent JP5599932
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a washing and drying machine which evenly sprays a high concentration detergent solution over clothing through an inexpensive method, and allows the detergent solution to show high detergency.SOLUTION: The washing and drying machine comprises: a housing 1; an outer tank 2; a rotary drum 3; a motor 4; water supply means; a blower unit 24 having a fan impeller and a fan motor 24a for driving; and a control device 60 which can perform a washing operation and/or a drying operation by controlling the motor 4, the water supply means and the fan motor 24a. The control device 60 controls the motor 4 so as to rotate the rotary drum 3 around a rotation center axis, also controls the fan motor 24a so as to rotate the fan impeller, and performs an operation of spraying a high concentration detergent solution prepared by supplying water to a charged detergent, to clothing accommodated in the rotary drum 3.

Toshifumi Koike
Naoki Kotani
Hikaru Watanabe
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Publication Date:
October 01, 2014
Filing Date:
December 27, 2013
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Hitachi appliance incorporated company
International Classes:
D06F33/02; D06F25/00; D06F39/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Michizo Isono