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Japanese Patent JP5610518
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a washer-dryer capable of drying laundry in a highly efficient manner without relying on dehumidifying means.SOLUTION: A washer-dryer 1 includes an outer case 10; a water tank 20 housed in the outer case 10; a dewatering tank 30 housed in the water tank 20; an air blower 50 for blowing air to the dewatering tank 30 through an air blow duct 51; a heater 54 for heating the air blown by the air blower 50; an exhaust duct 53; a reflux duct 52 for connecting the inside of the dewatering tank 30 to an air inflow section of the air blower 50; and an air duct switching mechanism 60 provided to the air inflow section of the air blower. A control unit 70 first executes, in a drying process, inner air circulation mode drying where air is made to flow into the air blower 50 only from the reflux duct 52, and executes, after the internal temperature in the dewatering tank 30 rises to a predetermined value, mixed air circulation mode drying in which air is made to flow into the air blower 50 from both the reflux duct 52 and an outer air introduction duct 57.

遠藤 昌臣
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Publication Date:
October 22, 2014
Filing Date:
June 18, 2010
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International Classes:
D06F25/00; D06F58/02; D06F58/28
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shizuo Sano
Atsushi Inoue