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Japanese Patent JP5622006
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An electric booster in which a rotation of an electric motor is converted into linear motion and transmitted to an output member by a rotation-linear motion mechanism. The output member pushes a piston of a master cylinder to generate brake fluid pressure in a pressure chamber in the master cylinder. An ECU casing containing boards is coupled to the top of a motor casing constituting the electric motor. The ECU casing is offset in one direction in a plane perpendicular to a plane containing an axis of the master cylinder. A male connector is provided at a side surface of the ECU casing on the opposite side from the offset direction side, and a space between the male connector and an interference area of the ECU casing is utilized as a space for attachment/detachment of the male connector.

大野 孝幸
小畑 卓也
安川 大輔
渡部 紘文
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Publication Date:
November 12, 2014
Filing Date:
April 30, 2013
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Sepal Tsuneo