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Japanese Patent JP5651471
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The invention provides surfactant compounds of formulas I-IX, which can be used in methods for aiding the solubilisation, digestion, preparation, analysis, and/or characterization of biological material, for example, proteins or cell membranes. The compounds can also aid in the recovery of peptides generated during protein digestion, particularly for in-gel digestion protocol. Additionally, the compounds can improve enzymatic protein deglycosylation without interfering with downstream sample preparation steps and mass spectrometric analysis. The compounds can be specifically useful as digestion aids that can be decomposed by an acid, by heat, or a combination thereof. Decomposition of the surfactants allows for facile separation from isolated samples, and/or allows for analysis of the sample without interfering with the sensitivity of various analytical techniques.

サヴェリエフ セルゲイ
シンプソン ダニエル
ウッド キース ヴィー
ウイェダ ハリー テツオ
ヒトコ キャロライン ウッドルーフ
クラウベルト ディーター
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Publication Date:
January 14, 2015
Filing Date:
October 10, 2008
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プロメガ コーポレイションPromega Corporation
International Classes:
C07C309/15; C07C309/10; C07C309/13; C07C309/14; C07C323/12; C07C329/06; G01N27/447; G01N27/62; G01N30/88
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辻居 Koichi
Sadao Kumakura
Nobuo Ogawa
Atsushi Hakoda
Kenji Asai
Yamasaki Kazuo