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Japanese Patent JP5685016
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a soil conditioner which raises dispersibility to soil, and makes a fertilizer application effect rapid without spoiling a soil conditioning function, and improves functionality while making fertilizer application work easy.SOLUTION: A squeezed liquid obtained by squeezing the fruit of apple is used, the squeezed liquid is made a treatment liquid, a calcium oxide is added and is made to react with the treatment liquid to form a calcium compound, and the treatment liquid is made liquefied. The mixing weight ratio of the calcium oxide to the treatment liquid is made 1:(7-11), and the fiber of apple is made to be included in the treatment liquid.

大里 信善
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Publication Date:
March 18, 2015
Filing Date:
July 07, 2010
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International Classes:
C09K17/50; C05D3/02; C05F5/00; C05G1/00; C05G3/80
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yusaku Maruoka