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Japanese Patent JP5751213
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In a method for producing an SiC semiconductor device, a p type layer (31) is formed in a trench (6) by epitaxially growing, and is then left only on a bottom portion and ends of the trench by hydrogen etching, thereby to form a p type SiC layer (7). That is, a portion of the p type layer (31) formed on a side surface of the trench (6) is removed. Thus, the p type SiC layer (7) can be formed without depending on diagonal ion implantation. Since it is not necessary to separately perform the diagonal ion implantation, it is less likely that a production process will be complicated due to transferring into an ion implantation apparatus, and thus manufacturing costs reduce. Since there is no damage due to a defect caused by the ion implantation, it is possible to reduce a drain leakage and to reliably restrict the p type SiC layer (7) from remaining on the side surface of the trench (6). Accordingly, it is possible to produce an SiC semiconductor device that can achieve both high withstand voltage and high switching speed.

Yuichi Takeuchi
Senda Kazumi
Shigemasa Soejima
Yukihiko Watanabe
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July 22, 2015
Filing Date:
June 14, 2012
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H01L21/336; H01L29/06; H01L29/12; H01L29/78
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Patent Business Corporation Yuai Patent Office