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Japanese Patent JP5793651
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A gas meter (1) of the present invention includes a flow measuring section (12) for measuring a flow value of a gas flowing through a fluid passage 2 connected to a gas instrument (4a to 4c) at each specified time interval; a measurement flow memory (13) for storing the measured flow value; and a fuel cell determiner section (14) for determining that the instrument (4a to 4c) using a gas is a fuel cell, when a condition A and a condition B are satisfied, in which the condition A is such that a maximum value of determination target flow values is equal to or less than a second predetermined value, the determination target flow values being a predetermined number of flow values measured before and after a reference flow value which is equal to or greater than a first predetermined value and is closest to the first predetermined value, the determination target flow values being included in stored flow values, and the condition B is such that a difference value derived by subtracting from each of all of the determination target flow values, an average value found from the each determination target flow value and a predetermined number of measurement flow values measured before the each determination target flow value, is equal to or less than a third predetermined value.

Kenji Nagatomo
Mitsuo Yokohata
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October 14, 2015
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May 13, 2011
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Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd.
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G01F3/22; G01F1/00
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Kentaro Fujii
Kenji Kamada
Hiroo Maeda

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