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Patent Searching and Data

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Japanese Patent JP5801054
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There are provided methods and apparatus supporting a multi-pass video structure for slice data. An apparatus includes an encoder for encoding at least one syntax data element related to at least two partitions of at least a portion of a picture. The at least one syntax element is encoded within a multi-pass syntax structure. The at least one syntax element belongs to a given class of data. The encoder encodes the at least one syntax data element with respect to all partitions of at least the portion of the picture prior to encoding a next class of data, wherein later coded data classes, including the next class, have at least one of an explicit coding and an implicit coding of at least one of a casual dependency and a non-casual dependency with respect to earlier coded data classes coded earlier than the next class.

Divola Escoda, Oscar
Inn pen
Pandit, Purvin, Vivas
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Publication Date:
October 28, 2015
Filing Date:
May 29, 2008
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H04N19/70; H04N19/147; H04N19/174; H04N19/176; H04N19/192
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Other References:
Raffaele De Forni and David S. Taubman,On the Benefits of Leaf Merging in Quad-Tree Motion Models,IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2005),IEEE,2005年 9月11日,Volume 2,pp.II - 858-861
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Tadashige Ito
Tadahiko Ito
Shinsuke Onuki