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Japanese Patent JP5801056
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A code generator, for providing a PRN sequence in a GNSS receiver, has the capability to store an internal status at any given point of the generated sequence. The stored status can be reloaded in the generator, upon an external command, or after a given number of generation cycles, thus slewing the phase of the generated PRN sequence to the value corresponding to the stored status. A parallel-correlation GNSS receiver includes one or more slewable code generators, for successively generating local replicas of GNSS PRN sequences, having different code phases, corresponding to a plurality of candidate signals of different code and Doppler shifts. Each time the code generator must switch from one candidate to a second, it is preemptively controlled or programmed, while generating the code for the first candidate, to store the internal status at the phase point almost aligned with the start of the PRN sequence for the second candidate. When the correlation engine switches from the first candidate to the second one, the stored status is loaded in the code generator, and the small misalignment between the code generator and the desired sequence is corrected, thus setting it at the needed point in phase space. The generator and receiver of the invention are well suited to the search of several GNSS signal in parallel, and require less memory than a table-based code generator.

Young, Phil
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October 28, 2015
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October 09, 2008
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G01S19/30; G01S19/24; G01S19/35
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Kurata Masatoshi
Yoshihiro Fukuhara
Nobuhisa Nogawa
Takashi Mine
Naoki Kono
Katsu Sunagawa
Morisezo Iseki
Tadashi Inoue
Tatsushi Sato
Takashi Okada
Mihoko Horiuchi