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Japanese Patent JP5827568
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The present invention discloses a commercial process for the production of refined palm oil rich in natural carotene. The process for the production of natural carotene rich refined oil comprises the steps of: (i) fractionating crude palm oil to form a liquid fraction and a solid portion; (ii) separating the liquid fraction from the solid portion; (iii) degumming the liquid fraction; (iv) neutralizing the degummed liquid fraction to substantially remove free tatty acids and impurities; (v) washing off the soap resulting from the neutralization step; and (vi) deodorizing the neutralized the product of step (v) to remove remaining free fatty acids and other impurities contained therein, thus forming a refined palm oil that contains less than 0.1% free fatty acid, has a carotene content retained of about 75%, an iodine value of less than 60 and a peroxide value of zero.

Hashim, Kyle Din
Yusov, Mohad Suria Afandi
Abdullathip, Lazam
Krishnan, Anansan
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December 02, 2015
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December 31, 2009
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Sime Derby Research Sundilian Bulhad
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A23D9/02; A23D9/00
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Atsushi Nakajima
Kato Kazunori

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