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Japanese Patent JP5882649
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To unlimitedly rotate a lens part with respect to an apparatus body, while securing electric conduction, without increasing a shaft diameter.SOLUTION: A lens part 101 is detachably attached to an attachment part 201 provided in a main body part 301 and held to be freely rotatable around a rotation axis A by the attachment part 201. When the lens part 101 is attached to the attachment part 201, the outer circumference of the cylindrical part 108a of a lens part housing 108 is insert-fitted to a guide part 214 and slid in an attachment direction. The respective concentric inner circumferential surfaces around the rotation axis A of three attachment part side contact parts 203 are provided with a difference in level, so that the ones closer to the back in the attachment direction of the lens part have a smaller diameter. Two contact pins 110 are provided to project toward the outside in a radial direction around the rotation axis A at both ends of the circular arc spring part 109 of each lens side contact part 105. Each contact pin 110 comes into contact with the corresponding lens side contact part 105, to be electrically connected, when the lens part 101 is attached.

Mano Hayato
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Publication Date:
March 09, 2016
Filing Date:
September 28, 2011
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Canon Inc
International Classes:
G03B17/14; G02B7/02; H04N5/225
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Another role Shigehisa