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Japanese Patent JP6191013
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A washer/dryer comprising: an outer tank (2) elastically supported inside a housing (1); a rotating drum (3) rotatably positioned inside the outer tank (2); a main wastewater passage (8) for discharging water inside the outer tank (2) to outside the housing (1); a wastewater valve (7) for opening and closing the main wastewater passage (8); a moisture-removing unit (14) for removing moisture from air to be used for drying which is supplied to inside the rotating drum (3); a heating unit (15) for heating the air from which moisture was removed by the moisture-removing unit (14); a case (16) for accommodating the moisture-removing unit (14) and the heating unit (15); a water-spraying unit (18) for removing foreign matter adhered to the moisture-removing unit (14); and a heat-exchanger wastewater passage (20) and a wastewater pump (21) for discharging, from the case (16), water sprayed from the water-spraying unit (18). The heat-exchanger wastewater passage (20) is provided with a second trap (22) for storing water discharged from the case (16), and a rising section (23) that is higher than the washing-water level during washing.

Masahiro Kawai
Mikio Tahara
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Publication Date:
September 06, 2017
Filing Date:
February 07, 2014
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Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
D06F39/08; D06F25/00
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Kenji Kamada
Hiroo Maeda