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Japanese Patent JP6391702
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A method for setting a joining element or a functional element is provided, including providing an apparatus including a mount, a punch on the mount, a hold-down device surrounding the punch, a die on the mount coaxially opposite the punch, and a drive unit, moving the die with the drive unit, and performing an independent loading operation. The hold-down device executes a loading stroke during which a compressive force is provided via a pneumatic force-exerting mechanism. The method also includes performing a setting operation, wherein the hold-down device is pressed against the workpiece in a pressure phase different from that of the loading stroke with a prespecified compressive force. The hold-down device moves in a guided manner on the mount via at least one guide column provided on the mount, and the at least one guide column includes a piston of a pneumatic drive that moves in a pneumatic cylinder.

Badent Michael
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Publication Date:
September 19, 2018
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December 18, 2014
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Tox, Pressotechnic, Gesell Shaft, Mito Beschlenktel, Haftung und Companion Commande Gesell Shaft
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B21J15/16; B21J15/02; B21J15/28; B21J15/32
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Nagoya International Patent Service Corporation