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Japanese Patent JP6393427
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Disclosed is a steam turbine capable of reducing the load of a bearing supporting a turbine shaft transmitting rotational driving force of a plurality of nozzle-equipped rotary bodies arranged in multiple stages. The steam turbine includes a housing (110); a turbine shaft (120) pivotably supported by a bearing (121) in the housing; and a plurality of dish-shaped nozzle-equipped rotary bodies (130) integrally combined with the turbine shaft (120), provided with one or more nozzle holes (131) from which working fluid is ejected so that the nozzle rotations bodies (130) can be rotated, and stacked in an axial direction of the turbine shaft (120). The nozzle hole (131) is inclined with respect to a normal direction n of the periphery surface of the nozzle-equipped rotary body (130) and is inclined toward an axial direction c of the turbine shaft (120).

Lee, Jaejoong
Li, Sanfon
Oh, Sung Kang
Lee, Sung Myung
Rim, juchan
Kim, Kitae
Yun Il
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Publication Date:
September 19, 2018
Filing Date:
August 28, 2015
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POSCO Energy Company Limited
International Classes:
F01D1/32; F01D3/00; F01D5/18
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Shinei Patent Office