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Japanese Patent JP6433993
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The present invention relates to a compound of formula (I): wherein: X is methyl or chlorine; R1 is fluorine or bromine; R2 is ethynyl, C1-C3alkoxy, C1-C3haloalkoxy, or C1-C3alkoxy-C1-C3alkoxy-; and Q is a pyran-3,5-dione-4-yl, a thiopyran-3,5-dione-4-yl, a piperidine-3,5-dione-4-yl, a cyclopentane-1,3-dione-2-yl, a cyclohexane-1,3, 5-trione-2-yl, a cyclohexane-1,3-dione-2-yl, or a cycloheptane-1,3-dione-2-yl, or a derivative thereof (e.g. a fused such as fused bicyclic derivative, and/or a spirocyclic derivative), or an enol ketone tautomer derivative thereof, wherein Q is further defined herein; and wherein the compound of formula (I) is optionally present as an agrochemically acceptable salt thereof. Preferably, X is methyl; and/or R1 is fluorine; and/or R2 is —O—R2A, wherein R2A is methyl, ethyl, trifluoromethyl, difluoromethyl, trifluoroethyl, or —CH2CH2OCH3. These compounds are suitable for use as herbicides. The invention therefore also relates to a method of controlling weeds, especially grassy monocotyledonous weeds, in crops of useful plants, comprising applying a compound of formula (I), or a herbicidal composition comprising such a compound, to the weeds and/or to the plants and/or to the locus thereof.

Janice black
James Nicholas Scot
Louisa Wally
Nigel James Willets
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December 05, 2018
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May 29, 2014
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Syngenta Limited
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C07C49/517; A01N35/06; A01N37/02; A01N37/10; A01N47/06; A01P13/00; C07C69/63; C07C69/76; C07C69/96; C07C329/06
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Takaki Nishijima
Disciple Maru Ken
Shinichiro Tanaka
Atsushi Hakoda
Kenji Asai
Kazuo Yamazaki
Satsuki Ichikawa
Hironobu Hattori
Kobayashi Machiko
Atsushi Aoki
Takashi Ishida
Fukumoto product
Tetsuji Koga
Yoichi Watanabe
Ryotaro Takei
Takahide Sasaki