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Japanese Patent JP6436841
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An electric work vehicle includes a motor unit (40) including a left motor (4L) and a right motor (4R) arranged side by side in a transverse direction of the vehicle and connected to a vehicle frame (2), a left transmission mechanism (43) extending rearward in a fore-and-aft direction of the vehicle from a left side of the left motor to transmit power from the left motor to a left rear wheel, a right transmission mechanism (44) extending rearward in the fore-and-aft direction from a right side of the right motor to transmit power from the right motor to a right rear wheel, and a battery unit (6A) housed in a battery casing (60). The battery casing includes an upper casing extending rearward of the left transmission mechanism and the right transmission mechanism from a top of the motor unit, and a lower casing projecting downward from a bottom of a rear half of the upper casing.

Hirokazu Ito
Kazuo Koike
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December 12, 2018
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April 09, 2015
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Kubota Corporation
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B60K1/04; A01D69/02; B60K1/02; B60L11/18
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Patent business corporation r&c