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Japanese Patent JP6447359
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According to an embodiment, a management system manages a power transmitter capable of wirelessly transmitting power to a power receiver of a movable object. The management system includes a detection unit configured to detect a state of the power transmitter, a storage unit configured to store a relationship between the state of the power transmitter and a power transmission level indicating possibility of power transmission of the power transmitter, an identification unit configured to identify the power transmission level corresponding to the state detected by the detection unit, and an output unit configured to output the identified power transmission level before the power transmitter starts transmitting power. The power transmission level includes at least an unavailable level indicating that power transmission is impossible, a limitation level indicating that power transmission is possible under a predetermined limitation, and a normal level indicating that power transmission is possible without limitation.

New wife obedient
Susumu Tora
Lacquer field Eiichi
Naganuma Hideo
Atsushi Araki
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January 09, 2019
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May 25, 2015
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Ihi Co., Ltd.
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H02J50/10; H02J7/00; H02J50/40; H02J50/60
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Yoshiki Hasegawa
Yoshiki Kuroki
Ryosuke Yasuda
Kazuyuki Hosaka