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Japanese Patent JP6529934
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The present invention relates to the detection of a target nucleic acid sequence by a POCH (PO Cleavage and Hybridization) assay on a solid substrate. The present invention detects the target nucleic acid sequence by use of in which the PO (Probing Oligonucleotide) hybridized with the target nucleic acid sequence is cleaved and the cleavage of the PO is detected by hybridization with the CO (Capturing Oligonucleotide). In the present invention, an uncleaved PO is hybridized with the CO immobilized onto the solid substrate. The designs of the PO and the CO are convenient and the optimization of reaction conditions is routinely easy in the present invention. Where the detection of signal on the solid substrate is continuously performed along with repetition of cleavage of the POs in the present invention, the number of the POs cleaved is increased upon the repetition number of the cleavage reaction and the signal is changed in parallel with the number of the POs cleaved. Then, the target nucleic acid sequence can be detected in a real-time manner. In contrast, the change of the signal is not observed in the absence of the target nucleic acid sequence.

チュン・ジョン ユーン
リ・ヨン チョ
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June 12, 2019
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June 27, 2016
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シージーン アイエヌシー
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C12Q1/6813; C12Q1/6823; C12Q1/6834
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廣田 浩一
流 良広
松田 奈緒子