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Japanese Patent JP6543149
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A brake device 100 includes: an extendable and contractable coupling member 60 that couples one end portions 31 of a pair of link arms 30 to each other; and an adjuster 70 that causes the coupling member 60 to extend so that positions of brake linings 2 relative to brake discs 1a are adjusted to be constant. The adjuster 70 includes: an extension mechanism 71 that has an extension shaft 72 with a male thread 72a and an extension nut 73 with a female thread 73a, which is threadedly engaged with the male thread 72a, and causes the coupling member 60 to extend; and a pressing spring 92 that presses the extension nut 73 in an axial direction toward a contact surface 62d, which is provided in a main body recess portion 62a housing the extension nut 73 and is in contact with one end portion of the extension nut 73.

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Suzuki Tsutomu
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Publication Date:
July 10, 2019
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September 25, 2015
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kyb corporation
International Classes:
F16D65/56; B61H5/00; F16D55/2255; F16D65/18
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Goto Patent Office
Goto Masaki
Masaaki Iida
Atsushi Sudo
Akioka Norihiro