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Japanese Patent JP6545783
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Adapters for a connector assembly for percutaneous tubing are provided. A male adapter (FIG. 22a, 1000) includes a connector fitting (1002) proximate a first end, the connector fitting configured to join to a connector for a tubing system or device, and a male connector (656) proximate a second end. The male connector includes a plug end with a fluid lumen defined therethrough, the plug end having a circumferential groove defined therein to receive a locking extension of a female connector sized to be received within the circumferential groove of the plug end to allow the female connector to rotate relative to and maintain axial engagement with the male connector when the locking extension is received within the groove. An adapter having a female connector (FIG. 24, 1300) is also provided.

Babs, Kellan William
Baird, Nolan Harrington
Clingler, Wayne Philip
Human, Thomas George
Grazia, Thomas Paul
Galitz, Charles Michael
Glider, Keith Aaron
Mathus Cytis, Thomas Andrews
Lau, Michael Honcen
Belton, Antonio Juan
Green, daniel george
Corrigan, Sheen Joel
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Publication Date:
July 17, 2019
Filing Date:
July 10, 2014
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AbbVie Incorporated
International Classes:
A61M39/10; A61J15/00; F16L9/18; F16L39/00
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Kawaguchi International Patent Office