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Japanese Patent JP6583991
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The present invention provides an adhesive resin layer and an adhesive resin film which can prevent generation of air bubbles even when adhered to a substrate having a high level difference, and in which even after thermal endurance and after wet thermal endurance, of a laminate obtained by laminating a substrate, an adhesive resin layer, and a substrate in an order, air bubbles are not generated, durability is good, and transparency can be maintained. More specifically, the present invention is a monolayered adhesive resin layer comprising an acrylic-based adhesive resin composition having transparency, wherein the adhesive resin composition contains (A) an acrylic-based polymer, (B) urethane acrylate, and (C) a thermopolymerization initiator, and may optionally contain (D) an acrylic-based monomer, and an adhesive resin layer 11 has pressure sensitive adhesiveness on both surfaces 11a, 11b at an ambient temperature, and can be thermally cured by heating at a temperature of 100 to 250°C and a time of 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Shiro Fujita
Atsufumi Suzuki
Niimi Yoko
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October 02, 2019
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May 18, 2015
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Fujimori Industry Co., Ltd.
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C09J133/06; C09J7/10; C09J7/35; C09J11/06; C09J175/14
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Field Saki Satoshi
Kazunori Onami
Tomoyuki Teihiro
Masatake Shiga