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Japanese Patent JP6594965
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The invention relates to a bobbin carrier for receiving a bobbin which is set up for unwinding a strand material, wherein the bobbin carrier is provided for use in a braiding, winding or spiraling machine and is set up to rotate relative to the machine during operation of the latter. The bobbin carrier has a tensile-force measuring device for measuring the tensile force of the strand material unwound from the bobbin and has a first data transfer device for transferring data. According to the invention, the first data transfer device is set up to transfer measured tensile force values to a second data transfer device arranged outside the bobbin carrier. As a result, too low or too high tensile forces in the strand material can be detected early at the individual bobbin carriers. The tensile force can be kept largely constant by the transfer of set point tensile force values from the second data transfer device to the first data transfer device and by a suitable control or regulation device at the bobbin carrier.

Hubert Linish
Bernd Muller
Bernhard Näger
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Publication Date:
October 23, 2019
Filing Date:
September 10, 2015
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Maschinenfabrik Niehoff Gaem Behr und Kokage
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B65H59/38; B65H63/02; D04B35/10; D04C3/14; D04C3/48; D07B7/10; G08C15/00
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Murayama Yasuhiko
Shinya Mitsuhiro
Tatsuhiko Abe