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Japanese Patent JP6617892
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A washing machine with a steam washing function and a control method are provided. The washing machine includes an outer drum (1), wherein a heater (3) is arranged inside the outer drum (1); the washing machine further includes a spray thrower (4) used for spraying water to the heater (3), and the heater (3) heats and vaporizes the water sprayed onto the surface to form high-temperature steam. When the heater is provided with a spray thrower which sprays water to the heater, the heater in a heating state can rapidly heat and vaporize the sprayed water to form a large amount of steam, then the steam generated in the outer drum can be utilized to heat and wet the clothes in the inner drum, such that the washing machine has the functions of steam washing, clothes drying, sterilization and disinfection, deodorization and ironing.

Ryo Jiang
Xu Wen Bing
Den Gold pillar
Gun Hei war
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Publication Date:
December 11, 2019
Filing Date:
November 23, 2015
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Qingdao Hailin Clothes Washing Machine Co., Ltd
International Classes:
D06F39/04; D06F33/02
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Kichi Toshio Kawa
Kana Ichikawa