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Japanese Patent JP6635269
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There is provided novel agricultural chemicals, in particular herbicides. A ketone or oxime compound or a salt thereof of Formula (1):wherein B is a ring of any one of B-1, B-2, or B-3, Q is an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, NOR7, etc., R6 is a hydrogen atom, C1-6 alkyl, etc., R7 is a hydrogen atom, C1-6 alkyl, etc., R8a, R8b, R9a, R9b, R10, R11, R12, R13, and R14 are each independently a hydrogen atom, C1-6 alkyl, etc., m is an integer of 1 or 2, n is an integer of 0, 1 or 2; and a herbicide comprising the compound or salt thereof.

Akira Numata
Yuji Iwaki
Yuki Furukawa
Miyaki Hiroki
Takahashi Furuhashi
Takao Miyazaki
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Publication Date:
January 22, 2020
Filing Date:
December 18, 2015
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Nissan Chemical Co., Ltd.
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C07C251/40; A01N35/06; A01N35/10; A01N37/02; A01N37/06; A01N37/08; A01N37/10; A01N37/18; A01N37/34; A01N37/36; A01N37/38; A01N37/40; A01N37/42; A01N37/46; A01N37/50; A01N41/04; A01N41/06; A01N41/10; A01N43/08; A01N43/10; A01N43/30; A01N43/36; A01N43/40; A01N43/50; A01N43/54; A01N43/56; A01N43/60; A01N43/653; A01N43/78; A01N43/80; A01N43/84; A01N47/02; A01N47/06; A01N47/18; A01N47/20; A01P13/00; C07C49/753; C07C251/42; C07C251/48; C07C251/52; C07C251/54; C07C251/58; C07C251/60; C07C255/13; C07C255/54; C07C255/64; C07C271/28; C07C271/34; C07C271/38; C07C307/02; C07C309/65; C07C309/66; C07C309/72; C07C317/18; C07C317/44; C07C321/14; C07C321/28; C07C323/12; C07C323/45; C07C323/62; C07C329/06; C07C329/10; C07C333/04; C07D213/30; C07D213/42; C07D213/61; C07D213/64; C07D215/20; C07D231/12; C07D231/16; C07D233/60; C07D233/61; C07D239/26; C07D241/44; C07D249/08; C07D261/18; C07D275/03; C07D277/56; C07D295/185; C07D295/205; C07D307/24; C07D307/40; C07D317/18; C07D333/20; C07F7/10
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Hanabusa Patent and Trademark Office