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Japanese Patent JP6653758
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The present invention provides a method for producing an antifouling film having excellent antifouling properties and rubbing resistance. The method for producing an antifouling film of the present invention is a method for producing an antifouling film including a polymer layer that includes on a surface thereof an uneven structure provided with multiple projections at a pitch not longer than a wavelength of visible light. The method includes Process (1) of applying a resin to a surface of a substrate; Process (2) of pushing the substrate to a die with the resin in between to form the uneven structure on a surface of the resin; and Process (3) of curing the resin including the uneven structure on the surface thereof to form the polymer layer. The resin contains an antifouling agent that contains a compound containing a perfluoro(poly)ether group. The die includes a surface having undergone release treatment using a release agent containing a compound that contains a perfluoro(poly)ether group, a hydrolyzable group, and a Si atom.

Hidekazu Hayashi
Tokio Taguchi
Kenichiro Nakamatsu
Yasuhiro Shibai
Atsushi Ken
Tsuneo Yamashita
Arai Saya
Eiji Sakamoto
Ei Sho
Naoshi Mitsuhashi
Takayuki Araki
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February 26, 2020
Filing Date:
July 03, 2017
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Sharp Corporation
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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B29C59/02; B29D7/01; C08G18/38; C08G18/67; C08G18/79; C08J7/04
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Atomi International Patent Office