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Japanese Patent JP6658370
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress power consumption accompanying transmission of tank information on a fuel cell vehicle without making a structure complex.SOLUTION: Tank information regarding a state of a hydrogen tank of a fuel cell vehicle is acquired, and operations on an operation part that a user performs in starting and stopping power generation of the fuel cell vehicle are acquired. Once the stopping operation to stop the power generation of the fuel cell vehicle is acquired, a transmission part capable of transmitting the tank information to outside the fuel cell vehicle is driven to start transmitting the tank information. In response to the stopping operation on the existing operation part, it is thus determined that hydrogen may be charged, and the transmission of the tank information is started, so the need to install a new sensor, etc. is eliminated and it is not necessary to start the transmission until the stopping operation, thereby suppressing the power consumption accompanying the transmission of the tank information without making the structure complex.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

Kiichiro Hanzawa
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March 04, 2020
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July 14, 2016
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H01M8/04; B60K8/00; B60L50/70; B60L58/30; H01M8/00; H01M8/04302; H01M8/04303; H04B1/04
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Daisuke Mibayashi