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Japanese Patent JP6658374
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely avoid precipitation of solid carbon, in consideration of time series change of an actual steam carbon ratio S/C in fuel reforming catalyst.SOLUTION: A control method of a fuel reforming system comprises: calculating a target average steam carbon ratio aveS/C (step 3); calculating a fuel injection amount Qref0 for reforming per cycle attaining the step 3 (step 4); and determining the number of times of injection for one cycle (step 5). Based on the fuel injection amount Qref0 for reforming and the number of times of injection, a minimum steam carbon ratio S/Cmin is acquired in consideration of concentration difference of time series fuel concentration, and the fuel injection amount Qref0 for reforming is corrected so that the minimum steam carbon ratio is equal to or more than a lower limit steam carbon ratio S/Climit at which precipitation of solid carbon is limited.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

Takashi Shinshiro
Koichi Ashida
Masao Koike
Koji Hiraya
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Publication Date:
March 04, 2020
Filing Date:
July 20, 2016
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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
International Classes:
F02M27/02; F02M26/36
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Hiromichi Kobayashi
Tomioka Kiyoshi

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