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Japanese Patent JP6666128
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cedar bark weed control mat that is constituted of the bark compression-molded in a flat shape for use in weed control and protection of a slope surface, upper cloth and lower cloth sandwiching the bark from the upper side and the lower side and having biodegradability, and yarn formed by integrally sewing the upper cloth, the bark and the lower cloth of this laminated-type and having the biodegradability.SOLUTION: A cedar bark weed control mat of the present invention is constituted by covering the fiber chip-shaped bark (bark) stripped off from the cedar 2 on lower cloth 1 having biodegradability in proper thickness, further stacking the upper cloth 3 having the biodegradability thereupon and forming it in the sandwiched shape, and yarn 4 for integrally sewing this upper cloth 3, the bark 2 and the lower cloth 1 formed in the sandwiched shape and having the biodegradability. Accordingly, the cedar bark weed control mat is superior in water retention characteristics and air permeability, has moderate rigidity, can be used by cutting a roll-shaped mat in a proper length, and has an effect of having the biodegradability in the long term.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Masaki Shitamura
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March 13, 2020
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December 03, 2015
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Mitama Construction Co., Ltd.
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A01M21/00; A01G13/00; B32B5/06; B32B21/02
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Shigeru Kumagai

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