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Japanese Patent JP6667613
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The technical field of this invention relates to an Al-based bearing alloy and a slide bearing that uses the Al-based bearing alloy. The technical problem of the invention is to provide an Al-based bearing alloy that exhibits high corrosion resistance and in which high strength is maintained for a long period of time even in a high temperature environment, as well as a slide bearing that uses the Al-based bearing alloy. As means for solving the problem, an Al-based bearing alloy (10) includes an Al matrix (11), and acicular compounds (12) which are needle-shaped that precipitate at a plurality of sites in a structure of the Al matrix, and that have a minor diameter and a major diameter.

Ishikura Kaoru
Akihiro Kose
Kazuaki Toda
Eisaku Inoue
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Publication Date:
March 18, 2020
Filing Date:
March 28, 2017
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Daido Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
F16C33/12; C22C21/00
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Sato International Patent Office